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Why Do People Collect Stuff?

Obsession with a certain theme or era can be the beginning of a great collection. In most cases, people are emotionally invested in the subject of their collection, giving them comfort and emotional shelter from the real world. One's collection can be seen as a confirmation of one's identity, real or aspirational. In fact, a lot of people are quicker to identify themselves with their hobby, rather than with their profession. Another reason collection can be worthwhile is the amount of money they are worth after some years. Unique postage stamps or a coin that is no longer in circulation can prove to be a very lucrative collectable item indeed.

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With the recent explosion of Pokemon Go, it's little wonder the Pokemon cards are now back in vogue. can help with building up your Pokemon card collection. Find all the Pokemon cards and iconic toys like the plush Pikachu monster doll here on It's the hot new thing!

More than Memorabilia

But enough about toys, have a look at some postcard collections! For the serious postcard collector, a mint condition postcard is much more than memorabilia. It embodies the history of a time and a place. Or perhaps you are more of a decorative plate collector? has you covered!